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Helping clients use safe and effective insect control for over 40+ years.

Jim & Jackie, Owners
Jim & Jackie, Owners

Our business journey began in 1982 with a small pet boutique, where they handled dozens of pets each day, many of which suffered from fleas, ticks, and mange mites. In those days, cholinesterase-inhibiting chemicals that affect the nervous system of mammals were the chemicals of choice to kill pet pests: Sevin (Carbaryl), Malathion, and Dursban. The pets were bathed in them. We and our staff were bathed in them. Reflecting on it now, it's a frightening thought.

Over the years, we transitioned into the pet retail industry and became strong advocates for natural, non-toxic products that were safe for both people and their pets, yet effective at controlling the pests that plague the world. Pyrethrins gained popularity, followed by products like D-Limonene and Insect Growth Regulators. The availability of high-quality, safe, non-toxic products expanded exponentially, and business thrived like the little engine that could.

Verbenone sales stemmed from these origins, and the discovery of a dire situation: Mountain Pine Beetle effected trees on our own mountain acreage! Through the hand of fate, we found that we alreaedy had a fortitous connection with the manufacturer of the original Verbenone pouches. That manuifacturer was already one of our pet products suppliers.

Our brush with pine beetles began 20 years ago and today, much like our sister site Shop4Verbenone.com, VerbenonPouches.com was born. Today we have thousands of clients who count on us to keep them up to date on the state of the beetle war and provide them with the safest, most effective products to protect their property whether it is a national forest or a little patch of heaven.