• Repels Mountain Pine Beetles
  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly
  • Children, Pet and Wildlife Safe
  • Highly Effective
  • Does not deter beneficial insects
  • Usable on many types of pine trees

Verbenone Pouches

The last line of defense against Pine Beetles.

ISCA Technologies

Discount Pricing:

Sold in PKG of 10 pouches. 1 pouch per tree.
PKG of 10
Per Tree
1+ $98.00 $9.80
2+ $95.00 $9.50
5+ $93.00 $9.30
8+ $92.00 $9.20
10+ $91.00 $9.10
20+ $90.00 $9.00
50+ $89.00 $8.90
70+ $88.00 $8.80
100+ $87.00 $8.70


Verbenone is a pine bark beetle treatment that contains a synthetic beetle pheromone to repel Pine Beetles from your trees. It effectively and safely puts a "no vacancy" sign on your precious pines.

A Verbenone pouch is an easy-to-use, controlled-release packet that is hung on selected pine trees to protect individual trees or acreage from the damage caused by...

Directions for Use:

  • Nail or staple pouch to the north (windward) side of the tree.
  • Place pouch approx. 6-10' high on the north face of the tree but downwind of prevailing breezes.
  • Place nail or tack through reinforced strip for puncture. This strip can be found on the top of the pouch.