Verbenone Pouches

2.5 acres of healthy trees absorbs the
co2 produced by 5 vehicles over a year.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

We are proud to be a PegasusCart Merchant. Not only does The Network bestow great benefits on the many shoppers who use PegasusCart Merchants as their shopping channel. Additionally PegasusCart protects your personal information in the most advanced way.

How we collect Data:

  • We use your IP Address, your Browser Client, and the occasional browser cookie, to determine who you are for internal tracking and linking you to your PegasusCart® so that it can keep track of your requested items while you shop.
  • We may also use the collected data mentioned above, for tracking and prosecuting individuals who commit fraud or theft of our data or services.

Distribution of the information we collect:

  • We provide access to logs which do not identify you personally, to PegasusCart® Merchants, for their sites and sales performance tracking.
  • We do not sell your information to anyone.

Third party advertising:

  • In the event we permit a third party to advertise on any of our sites, they will do so using their own collected data.
  • We shall not provide any personally identifiable data we collect from you to any third party.

We reserve to the right to make changes to policies at any time and without notice.Please Check back here for updates or changes as they may or may not occur.

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